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new crew name....

2009-11-22 11:10:20 by flamedude321

clock crew,kitty krew,anime crew,AGNRY CREW,why can i have a crew? if anyone has a good idea for a crew name plz coment the name (people can join on the next topic sometime when i make it) whoever has the best name will be the admisor of the crew the owner and s.a. (super admisor) so plz if anyone has a idea of a crew name plz coment it...


new crew name....


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2009-11-22 11:19:19

You forgot about the DD

flamedude321 responds:

lol what crew?


2009-11-22 11:41:11


(Updated ) flamedude321 responds:

yes well....FUCK YOU! >:(


2009-12-27 00:13:21

Flame Dudes sounds pretty badass because dudes are cool and they are fire? it sounds like a good idea but you'll have to pay me if you want to use it as a clan or group name

flamedude321 responds:

kewl idea (but im not paying...)