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new crew name....

2009-11-22 11:10:20 by flamedude321

clock crew,kitty krew,anime crew,AGNRY CREW,why can i have a crew? if anyone has a good idea for a crew name plz coment the name (people can join on the next topic sometime when i make it) whoever has the best name will be the admisor of the crew the owner and s.a. (super admisor) so plz if anyone has a idea of a crew name plz coment it...


new crew name....


2009-11-16 13:04:15 by flamedude321

Well....i lost some of my Programs so i wont be Animateing that much....D:

Posting randomly

2009-11-16 09:59:06 by flamedude321

Hey people of newgrounds! Just made a new artwork copyed off of super mario bros its called....Get a life....You know it may be hard to find Get a life.People of newgrounds who own computers...cuz i checked myself and well.....some other people made some other artwork called Get a about that aaaaaaaaand.....if you need help with drawing cartoons for newgrounds then im the person to you so...coment or something telling me if you wana make some kinda movie,cartoon,new charicter of newgrounds....then im the person for you.... oh and theres a picture of it in this blog so....enjoy the pictures....uh....and coment! thats realy all i have to say to the people of ahead and drink a bunch of mnt dew so you can get hiper and run into that wall (if you want to....)

Posting randomly